Monday, March 23, 2009

Slow and Steady...

I had not forgotten just how demanding a new baby is. I had no delusions that my "me time" would even come close to comparing to what it had been as Cuddle Bug was getting older and a little more self-reliant. And I have not been surprised by just how little I accomplish most days outside of meeting the basic needs of my two bugs.

Stitching has been no exception. I get 5 minutes here, 15 minutes there, maybe an hour if I'm lucky. I think I spend more time getting things out and putting them away than I actually do putting needle to fabric. But that's okay. I know it won't always be like this and I keep reminding myself to enjoy it while it lasts. Both of my kiddies are so amazing!

I have been able to keep up with everyone else's blogs, though. The laptop is my companion during the many long nursing sessions day and night. And I can comment with one free hand. There are so many amazing projects going on out there in Stitching BlogLand and I am impressed with how fast so many of you are! I'm a slow stitcher when I have all the time in the world on my hands, so throw in a 1-month-old and I move at a pace of a few stitches a day ;)

It should come as no surprise to me or anyone else then that this little bitty project - LHN's Peace Thread Pack - took me an epic 8 days to complete!

Peace Thread Pack by Littlehouse Needleworks
Thread: Crescent Colors
Fabric: 32 ct Country French Latte
Stitched:3/12/09 - 3/20/09

I also went to my LNS Wednesday to look for a little something. I came home with LHN's "The Old West" chart. I'm going to start this soon and give it to my mom for her birthday in October (that's how slow I am...). My mom lives in Tucson - that's where Cuddle Bug was born, too - so this piece is perfect for her right down to the "Tucson" sign!

I hope you all are having beautiful spring weather!! We went to the park this weekend and Cuddle Bug went down the big slide all by himself! He's growing up too fast!

Happy Spring to everyone!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

We Have A Winner!

I have to admit I had significantly more entries for my little giveaway than I expected! Thank you everyone for making me feel so good about my mediocre stitching :)

My Lady Bug Giveaway drawing was scheduled for yesterday. But, as seems to be the case lately, it either could not or did not happen before Cuddle Bug - who was to do the drawing - had to head off to bed. So we did it first thing this morning after breakfast!

I tried my hardest to explain to Cuddle Bug that he was going to do a "special kind of drawing." No matter what I said, a "drawing" to Cuddle Bug involves markers and crayons. So rather than draw a name, he drew on the names before I cut them up and threw them in a basket.

Cuddle Bug may have done the "drawing," but I actually drew the name of the winner :)

And the winner is Kendra!

I will get that in the mail to you soon Kendra!!!

Thank you everyone who entered! You really did make me feel good that anyone would be interested in having something stitched by little ol' me!

Thank you for your continued support and friendships!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Headaches, LNS, and Santa Moon

This post has been in "draft" phase since last week. Motherhood, migraines, and life in general interfered with my actually finishing and posting it...

So better late than never right?

I went to my LNS on Saturday the 28th of February to pick up a few small odds and ends for the giveaway to celebrate our recent addition - Lady Bug. DH sat quietly and patiently in the framing corner with Cuddle Bug playing with toys while I mozied around the store for well over an hour - touching everything I could :) When all was said and done, I didn't leave with anything new for me, but I did enjoy oogling all the pretties. I just can't make sense of spending the money when I already have unfinished projects (even though DH said I could have whatever I wanted). I have too much self control for my own stashing good!

I did get the stitching on a little something finished that Saturday night. I finished the crescent Santa face from PS's Santa Moon chart. I actually hate to admit I started this little guy last year - probably in July or August. It was going to be a quick little one day project. But I got sidetracked that day halfway through, it got put away, and then it didn't come back out until this weekend! Someone smack me! When I saw him half-finished I decided nothing was getting done until my quick little 6 month project got his final stitch. So here it is. I must never let something this small and simple go by the wayside again. I will say that stitching on black linen is no easy feat!

Crescent Santa Face from Santa Moon by Prairie Schooler
Thread: DMC
Fabric: Black Cashel Linen
Stitched: Summer 2008 - 2/28/09

And I posted my little giveaway yesterday for anyone interested in winning something small from a novice stitcher :)

Hugs to all the wonderful stitchers out there! Your kindness and support mean the world to me!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I had hoped to make this post yesterday, but the demands of mothering an infant and a toddler proved too much and I never got the chance. So today is the day!

Yesterday Lady Bug turned 1 month old! To celebrate her 1-month birthday and all the joy she has brought to our lives, I am having my very first giveaway!

Now let's be fair, I'm still a novice stitcher and my finishing leaves much to be desired. However, I am going to be brave and give away a piece I stitched. I've never shared my stitching with a fellow stitcher before! Be kind :)

I stitched this small ladybug themed piece. The finishing will be a surprise for the (lucky?) recipient.

The giveaway is open to anyone interested. Just leave your email address with your comment to be added to the drawing! Cuddle Bug will draw the winner in one week on March 18th!

And thank you all for your kind comments on AmeriKat! I appreciate all your support and kind words!