Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Thank you so much to all of you for your happy wishes on my pregnancy! You are all so sweet! We are very excited :) Dawn asked how far along I am. Based on the first day of my last monthly period I am 7 weeks along and due on Feb 2nd - which is actually my birthday! We will have our first visit with the OB on the 30th of June.

Here is a picture of Cuddle Bug the other night reading to his new baby doll (his practice baby brother/sister) whom he named "Baby Billy." He's so cute!

I got some wonderful goodies in the mail the other day! I got this incredible collection of charts (and 2 kits) from Jacque over at "My Needle's Delight!" Thank you Jacque! You are so kind!! I love each and every design! Some of these charts are designs/designers that I haven't heard of before which is really exciting for me as a beginner :) I don't deserve such a wonderful gift but I will treasure it and will enjoy every stitch I make on these designs - they are from such a lovely blogger!

I also got an order from Handcrafts Online. I ordered some linen, a finishing kit for LHN's "Peace" thread pack and some CC threads I needed.

I really need to get to some serious stitching now with all the fun new goodies I have!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and productive week! I am hoping my next post will show some kind of stitching progress!! I need to get my tin done for the Monthly Finishing Challenge. I haven't even started that.

Thanks for reading and for all your kind comments and well wishes!

Monday, June 16, 2008

I was RAK'ed!!

Thank you all for your kind comments wishing me well! I have determined the cause of my exhaustion and nausea, but more on that later.

The most exciting thing happened to me on Friday! I would have posted sooner but with Father's Day weekend we just didn't have any time to slow down and blog in a way that would do justice to the incredible joy and excitement this particular happening brought me! The mail-woman brought me a package! Don't you just love mail that doesn't have "account number" in the upper right corner and a return envelope so we can mail the sender our hard-earned money - I know I do! This particular package had "My Mark" as the return address which really got my mind going because I didn't remember ordering anything! I tore into it immediately and found this gorgeous thread holder inside and a letter from Monique explaining that this beautiful gift was from sweet, wonderful Michele of Just Another Stitching Blog... !! Oh Michele, I don't know what would prompt you to do something so undeserved, but I treasure it more than I can tell you! You have made me feel so special!! You are so thoughtful and generous and I am moved by such a beautiful gesture! Hugs to you!

Isn't it beautiful?! DH was thoroughly impressed when I showed it to him :)

And while we're on the topic of happy, wonderful, very exciting things like my new thread holder...

I have an explanation for my constant drowsiness and the nausea that's been plaguing me on and off just about every day for the past few weeks. I'm pregnant! How crazy is that?!

Thank you again for all my kind visitors and for all your sweet well wishes. And thank you again, Michele for your incredible Random Act of Kindness that still has me walking on air :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Finally - An Accomplishment!

I have to apologize for my absence the past week. I've not been feeling well and I haven't had much stitching to show. I have done a tiny bit more stitching on "Peach Tree Cottage" but it is coming along very very slowly as a result of my exhaustion and other ailments.

Yesterday I finally felt like I needed to just finish something so I could have at least a tiny taste of success. So I stitched the PS "Peep" freebie. It is tiny and precious. I'm planning a miniature pinkeep or ornament for this one. I changed the colors around a bit as I wanted the background to be blue instead of the green it calls for. My stitches are kind of sloppy and uneven, but I really wasn't that invested in making it a show-stopper and was just glad I got it finished. I think of every piece as another learning experience :)

"Peep" by Prairie Schooler
Fabric: 32 count Natural Light Linen scrap
Thread: DMC
Stitched 6/11/08

Thanks for visiting and for all your wonderful wishes on my last post about being so tired. I know I don't "know" any of you, but I feel like I have some stitching friends out there in the world wide web!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Peach Tree Cottage

I would love to say that I've been stitching non-stop on LHN's Peach Tree Cottage since Saturday. But that just isn't the case. Instead, I've been yearning to crawl into Peach Tree Cottage and rest my eyes. I imagine it's decorated shabby-chic inside, with country touches in every corner and perfectly worn furniture that has a story to tell. I would tuck myself under a heavy quilt in one of the upstairs bedrooms and take a nice, long nap. That's how I've been feeling lately - like I want to shut out the world and sleep. Exhaustion is really no fun, and tackling it when you are the sole care-giver of a two year old until 5:30 every evening is especially no fun. I really need to shake this!

This is all the progress that I've made on Peach Tree Cottage since I started it (barely) Saturday night. Most of this was actually stitched yesterday when I was feeling a little less tired and a little more productive. I am loving this piece. The colors are fantastic and I really love the design. I wish I could force myself to spend more time on it. Maybe I'll get over this lethargy and really get busy with this project! Here's hoping!

You are all making such amazing progress with your projects! Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my amateur stitching blog and post comments and suggestions. I appreciate it more than I can say. You all inspire me so much!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's June Already!

Today is officially June, and that means it's time to evaluate last month's goals and start thinking about this month.

May Goals:
  1. Finish Stitching CCN's "A Place We Call Home" - Accomplished 5/6/08
  2. Stitch and Finish Biscornu for MFC - Accomplished 5/15/08
  3. Stitch Blocks 2-4 of PS 12 Days of Christmas - Accomplished 5/30/08
  4. Start LHN's "Peach Tree Cottage" - Accomplished 5/31/08
I even managed to sneak in an extra project and get "Love and Faithfulness" from LHN/CC stitched up as well!

I got started on Peach Tree Cottage last night at 9 and stitched for about 15 minutes - long enough to constitute a start, but short enough to not have anything picture-worthy to show for it. I had a terrible headache last night and just couldn't stitch for long. But I give myself credit for pulling it all out to start so I could accomplish my final May goal.

Now for June Goals.

I'm hoping to get more accomplished this month and be a more focused stitcher than last month. So I'm giving myself more ambitious goals for June than I did for May.

My June Stitching Goals:
  1. Finish Stitching LHN's "Peach Tree Cottage"
  2. Stitch and Finish tin for MFC
  3. Stitch LHN/CC's "Peace"
  4. Stitch PS's "Peep"
  5. Stitch Calico Crossroads "AmeriKat"
  6. Stitch 2 PS "Santa Moon" designs
  7. Stitch Blocks 5-6 of PS "12 Days"
Well I hate to leave you without a picture, so I leave you with this picture of Cuddle Bug cooking in his playhouse with a bucket on his head:

Thanks for reading! I so enjoy all of your lovely comments!!