Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Welcome Summer!

It's officially summer in the Midwest. It's hot and humid! And summer seasonal exchanges have been sent and received. Yes, there's no denying that summer is upon us.

I'm participating in a great seasonal exchange this year with a small group of gifted stitchers. I'm stitching for Karen and I heard Monday that she received the summer package I put together for her.

I stitched The Sampler Girl's Molly Pitcher 1778 for her with the recommended DMC on 28 count linen and finished it as a little hanger.

I sent along some patriotic extras:

Karen said she loved it and I am so pleased! I consider this to be my best finishing to date and I was very glad with how it turned out. I'm so happy she likes it too!

Today I got my exchange from Melissa and it made my day! She stitched a sweet Lizzie Kate design and finished it as a darling pinkeep. The backing fabric is the most perfect lemonade fabric - and we have been drinking a lot of lemonade around here lately - with a little pocket and everything!

And what a spread of goodies she sent along! 2 beautiful skeins of Dragon Floss and 2 more of Soy Luster from The Pure Patette! And check out that Eye & Eye & Friends sampler pattern. I can't wait to get started on this one. She also included some darling strawberry notecards. Melissa always includes a sweet little handmade card from I checked out their website and I have to say that it sounds like a wonderful organization. What a special touch.

Thank you for a wonderful package Melissa!

I also have a finish to show off. I stitched up the pattern Melissa sent me in the spring exchange! Excuse the terrible lighting:

Birds Wee One from Heart in Hand
Stitched 1/1 with DMC on 25ct mushroom lugana
Stitched 6/18/10 - 6/19/10

I want to make this into a floss ring tag. I've never attempted that finishing before so I have no idea how it will turn out or when I will have the time to try it.

I hope everyone is having an amazing summer so far! I know I am (despite the sunburn)!

Happy stitching to you all!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Can I Get a Venti Iced Triple Shot Soy Mocha Latte Please?

I feel like I have been going non-stop! And here I thought summer was going to be my chance to slow down. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that it's not!

I need coffee/caffeine like a plant needs water. I swear I'll wither without it! Between getting ready for our trip to Arizona for my brother's wedding in 2 weeks, I've been juggling play dates, and dealing with what turned out to be a sinus infection for 2.5 weeks before I sought medical attention and got magic antibiotics. Somewhere in there my sister got a job interview for her dream job here in St. Louis and I was hemming her suit pants and trying to help her prepare. Oh and we can't forget the 6 hour drive to Iowa this past weekend for a 5k with my sister that got cancelled due to weather.

On top of all that, I had an exchange due in the mail to Karen today and I never made it to my LNS to pick up goodies for her package. So now that won't go out until tomorrow or Thursday. It's only Tuesday and my week is already running behind schedule!

But on a fun note, I never did mention the beautiful PIF I got from Mary Kathryn a few months ago.

Isn't it gorgeous?! Mary Kathryn is truly a gifted stitcher and finisher.


Well now it's my turn! I get to pay-it-forward. But I'm going to run this a little differently. I knew signing up with Mary Kathryn that in addition to my getting something from her, I was obligating myself to offer four stitched pieces forward. I'm fulfilling that obligation by offering four of my wonderful readers the chance to get a stitched and finished piece from yours truly in the next year. Now here's where I'm changing it up a bit: I'm going to say that you don't have to obligate yourself to pay it forward by offering stitched and finished pieces to your readers. Just pay it forward in whatever way you find in your own life to do that. If that means offering pieces to other stitchers as I am doing and so many others have done, go for it. If that means giving someone in line at JoAnns your unused 40% coupon, well that's good too. Just pay it forward in your life as you can or as you desire to. Does that make sense? I know some people avoid signing up for PIFs because it may be a lot for some to obligate themselves to. I'm hoping this will make it easier for some of you to participate who might not otherwise.

So let me know if you want to sign up for my PIF by commenting on this post. If I get more than 4 people interested, I'll draw names. And thank you again Mary Kathryn for the gorgeous strawberry!

Now I have to go change LadyBug as something smells not quite right. Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is getting more time to relax than I am lately :)