Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fabulous Fob

Thank you all for your sweet comments on Peach Tree Cottage! And for your wishes on Cuddle Bug's 3rd birthday and all the birthdays we had in April! I think the mayhem is finally over!

I did manage to get a project finished in all the hustle and bustle these past few weeks. I put the final stitches in this one and did the finishing last night. DH was such a sweetie and took care of the kiddies while I worked on this to get it finished!

I got this chart from sweet Jacque - who no longer has a blog of her own. But she's wonderful and this was in a big pile of charts she sent me last year.

A Sampler Scissors' Fob by Forget-Me-Nots in Stitches
Stitched 1 over 1
Thread: DMC of my choosing
Fabric: 32 Count Twilight Blue linen
Stitched: 4/19/09 - 4/28/09
Finished as scissor fob: 4/28/09

This chart is off to Mary Kathryn now. I came across it on her wishlist during an Google search of this designer. I hope she will enjoy it as much as I did. And thank you again Jacque for giving it to me!

Big hugs and lots of wonderful stitchy wishes to you all! I so appreciate your support and kind words!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Tanya's Tease!

Has everyone seen the sneak peak for Tanya's new design?? I am infatuated! I am not allowed to buy any new charts until I make a dent in the charts I already own (slow going with an infant). But...I may be willing to make an exception for a SAL of this one. Perhaps there would be other takers??

I'm working on a little design right now. I will post more on that later. When I start these small designs I don't bother posting my new start because I expect to have it finished so fast. But that just doesn't happen these days :) The Bugs are totally worth the distraction though! They are amazing!!

Lady Bug has fluffed up a lot the past few weeks! She used to have a lot of definition in her legs, but now she's got little roley poley legs! I love it! And Cuddle Bug turns 3 on Monday! That means I'm making a Car's cake this weekend! Too much to do this month! Between DH's (paternal) grandmother's 100th birthday, Easter, DH's (maternal) grandfather's 82nd birthday, and Cuddle Bug's birthday, April weekends are kicking our butts! Is it May yet? :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Peach Tree Cottage Finished!

It's finished...finally!!! I put the final stitch in Peach Tree Cottage from LHN this afternoon! Dare I mention I started this project on May 31, 2008? But this one turned into a UFO and then Lady Bug came out into the world and made finishing this a marathon! But it's finally finished!

Peach Tree Cottage by Littlehouse Needleworks
Thread: Recommended Crescent Colors and DMC
Fabric: 28 ct Country French in Cashmere
Finished: 4/17/09

This one became a UFO during my pregnancy when I was just much too tired and much too distracted to work on anything bigger than a few square inches. Then I avoided it because the leaves were driving me crazy - they just seemed to go on forever! But I picked this up after I finished "Peace" and was determined to finish it! It wasn't without a few visits from the frog. And I actually put the final stitches in it (the first time) at 1am Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

And that's when I was finally convinced once and for all that there is an error in the chart. The window panes in the chart are a green-gray color and the shutters and trim around the door are a light mocha brown. But as I was stitching these parts, they seemed backwards to me. It seemed like the windows should have been the light brown and the shutters the green-gray. I decided to leave it and see how it looked at the end. But come Wednesday night/Thursday morning when I put in the final stitch, it still didn't seem right. So I inspected the picture of the sample again, and again I was thinking these were backward! I am fairly certain the picture on the chart has these colors flipped from how they are charted. I have toyed with the idea of emailing Diane about it. I googled it but couldn't find anything about anyone saying they had noticed the same thing. Maybe I'm completely wrong. Either way, I frogged the shutters and the window panes yesterday and spent last night and this morning (at any available opportunity) putting them back in with the colors reversed. And in my humble opinion, it looks right this way!

And I also got an email from Kendra that she received the little giveaway I made in honor of our sweet Lady Bug's birth! She said she loved it, so I am pleased! I was nervous to share my mediocre stitching with another stitcher, especially one as talented as Kendra! Thank you for being so kind Kendra! Here is the altoids tin I finished for her and the little extras I sent along - red and white print fabric , a ladybug button from JABCo, and "Ladybug" fibers from both WDW and CC.

And thank you everyone for your continued support and comments! I appreciate them all so much!!