Friday, May 8, 2009

Little Happy Dance

Even a small scale project deserves a little jig!

I finished LHN's "Paper Whites" this afternoon while Cuddle Bug napped upstairs in bed and Ladybug napped in my lap. Even with dishes crowding the sink, toys littering the living room, and kleenex strewn about (these allergies are going to be the end of me), I still consider myself to have been incredibly productive during that rare moment when both kiddies were asleep at the same time this afternoon! I finished another small project! Now excuse me while I pat myself on the back!

Paper Whites by Littlehouse Needleworks
Stitched 1 over 1
Thread: recommended DMC
Fabric: 28 Count natural linen
Stitched: 5/1/09 - 5/8/09

So, what's next? Well I have plans to finish this finish as well as another unfinished finish I have in my to-be-finished pile. You know you're a stitcher when that sentence makes sense to you :) So I may do that this weekend. And I am going to get started on my little Cross Eyed Cricket Eggs...Cetera bird. I want him finished and on the mantle before spring ends!

A very happy Mother's Day to all you amazing mothers, moms, and mommies out there! I would give my right arm to be spending it with my mom this year (instead I will be with my MIL...). But I will get to see my mom next Thursday when she comes in for my sister's graduation. So I have that to look forward to! My mom has only seen pictures of Lady Bug and she hasn't seen Cuddle Bug in person in 2 years! So it will be a fun time for everyone. My how he's changed!

This will be Cuddle Bug's first Mother's Day in charge - to some degree at least. Last year DH got a sitter for the little guy and he took to me an amazing (and expensive) Mother's Day brunch. Ooooh what a treat! This year CB has decided he wants to make me breakfast. And after asking what exactly it was he wanted to prepare, he has boldly decided that Mommy will be having french toast sticks for breakfast! I try to explain to him that I eat my french toast with a fork, but we shall see if I end up with sticks with the crusts cut off. Who knows!

Cheryl asked me about the Cars cake I was poised to make for Cuddle Bug's birthday. Well...that didn't happen. And as the mother of an infant, I'm sure she can understand why :) Thank goodness the grocery store could manage a birthday cake on such short notice!

Hugs and wonderful stitchy wishes to you all! I appreciate all your sweet comments and support more than I can say!


kimstitch3 said...

love it, then again, LHN is one of my favorites. I dont stitch many things that use white thread though, I just dont like the way my x's lay for some reason white always looks sloppy when I stitch with

Michele B. said...

It looks great, Kim. You're getting to be the queen of the leaves! Enjoy your french toast sticks - Happy Mother's Day.

Dawn said...

Wonderful finish!!

I hope you have a super Mother's Day. I get to spend half with my mom and the other half at the in-laws.

Brigitte said...

Such a nice little finish. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the finished piece.
Have a great Mother's Day.

Harmien said...

Oooh, that's such a sweet and delicate finish done over 1!!
Happy Mother's Day!

Von said...

Every little finish is truly a cause for celebration! Congrats on a real cutie. :)

Happy Mothers' Day, Kim!

linenstitcher2 said...

Lovely finish, Kim! It looks great over one!!

I'm seriously impressed that you find **any** time to stitch with two little ones. Glad you did.

Enjoyed your comment about finishing. I must be a stitcher, because it made perfect sense to me!!

lena-lou said...

This is a wonderful tiny finish, love it !

Have a nice day with those french Sticks ;)

Kathy A. said...

Lovely little finish and with two busy children that is quite the accomplishment. Love your finishing sentence. It made sense to me LOL.
Have a great Mother's Day and enjoy your french toast sticks.

staci said...

Congrats on a beautiful finish! A finish is a finish no matter what size :)

Have a very Happy Mother's Day with your little bugs and your french toast sticks :)

Sally said...

What a beautiful finish Kim.

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Sharon said...

Pretty finish!

Ranae said...

What a sweet finish.
I think you should start something new and fresh, o.k. I will shut up,lol
Hope you had a great Mother's day

Carol R said...

Great finish and I look forward to seeing it 'finally finished'!

How was the French toast sticks?

Kathy said...

Great job. I love that design. It is so delicate looking. Over one too, that is great. You have come a long way with your stitching since your started blogging. Keep up the good work.