Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another Lobster Roll Please!

Well all I can say is finally...finally a little something worth showing!

Thank you all for your suggestions and comments on my last post about scroll bars vs. q-snaps. I set out finally having settled on some q-snaps. Well wouldn't you know that my Hobby Lobby would be all out?! Just my luck! So circumstance effected my decision making in the end. It was either wait a week for some q-snaps to come in or get some scroll rods and get stitching! I chose the latter, naturally.

I must say that I like the scroll rods so far. There was a bit of a learning curve with them - trying to figure out how best to go about getting my fabric on the rods and twisted taut. But I managed. And they've been doing what I paid them to do. So I'm pleased! I will be giving q-snaps a try next time I need something though. As some of you said, I guess I can only really decide what I like by trying both.

I made some progress on my BBD "Something Sweet." It's coming along swimmingly considering it sat idle for nearly 2 months and I get very little quality stitching time - what with the bugs demanding my constant attention and all. But I'm enjoying this more than I can describe! Who could have known that BBDs are such an absolute joy to stitch?! Here's a little progress pic for you to feast your eyes on!

And as I mentioned in my last post, my month-long absence was not only taken up with longing for needle and thread, but also with a little fun in the sun! DH and I dragged our incredibly awesome bugs on a long 2-day car ride from St. Louis to Boston because we're crazy like that! We spent 5 full days in Boston enjoying ourselves to bits, and then we drove 2 more days home! I would just like to say that even though our bugs are only 3 years and 5 months, they are amazing travelers! We had our moments (Cuddle Bug had to pee on the side of the road for the first time and that involved a huge meltdown "NOOOOO! Only dogs pee on the ground!" - yes, that's a quote) and I'm nursing the Ladybug so you haven't lived until you've been pumping in the passenger seat and crawling into the backseat with a bottle every few hours. For those of you wondering, running the car heater and setting the (fresh from the cooler) expressed milk on the dash does bring it up to body temperature, but be prepared to sweat utilizing this method in mid-July! Seriously though, it was easy considering the ages of our little ones! They spoil us.

We were there visiting my Dad and his wife who live just outside of Boston in a great little beachy town called Hull. And we took it easy...way easy. We didn't cram a bunch of sight-seeing or tourist stuff into our trip (since we've done all that during previous trips there). We mostly hung around my dad's water-front townhouse, ate lobster, and enjoyed the view and good company. We did take the bugs to the New England Aquarium and managed a trolley tour. Oh and we took my dad's kayaks out a few times and spent a few hours at the beach. It was more fun and more relaxation than other vacations I've been on! We came home from our trip not feeling like we needed a vacation to recover from our vacation! And that's how we know it was a success.

I leave you with a picture of the view from my nursing spot at my dad's. This is where I sat several times a day and nursed the Ladybug. Oh how I long to be back there now!

Thanks for visiting, and for all your wonderful comments, help, and suggestions! And happy stitchy wishes to each and every one of you!


staci said...

Oh, how I don't miss car seats, lol!!! Sounds like you had a really nice getaway~~and what a pretty and relaxing view!

Love your BBD wip, lovely!

valerie said...

Awesome view at your dads! Can I go visit? haha Just sounds like the most relaxing vacation ever. Glad you had a good time. Also, nice start on your BBD!

Lee said...

The yellow house in your BBD stitching is so sweet! Glad you had a nice vacation.

Sally said...

Beautiful progress on your BBD piece.

Good to hear you had a nice vacation:)

Melissa said...

Sounds like the trip to Boston was great! I would love to do that some day. The view is amazing!

Your progress pic looks great. Can't wait to see your next update!

Ranae said...

Sounds like a fabulous family vacation.
Gotta love that BBD

Harmien said...

That lobster sounds good and, o my, that place by the window looks soooo inviting!! Your BBD progress looks lovely! Good luck with the scroll bars.

mbroider said...

That is one thoroughly enjoyed vacation!!

Have fun with the scroll rods. I stitch w/o any support!

Brigitte said...

Oh, I love this BBD piece. I kitted it up a long time ago but haven't started it yet. Seeing yours makes me want to start mine. Immediately, lol.

Cheryl said...

Oh what a beautiful view from your Dads window. I did laugh at the image of you pumping in the car and crawling into the back LOL Glad the trip was successful! That sure is a long drive.

Michelle said...

What an amazing view!! Love it. And I hope you like the scroll rods. It's worth trying q-snaps too, but you never know until you try. And I like scroll rods for some things and q-snaps for others.