Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's Not Terrible

I've been admiring all these cute little scissor fobs I see all over the stitching blog world. Today I decided to undertake one of my own. I used a freebie design from The Floss Box and stitched up a front and back. Originally I wasn't going to do it as a little biscornu, but I decided to make things a little more interesting. I finished a biscornu a few weeks ago and it was much easier than I thought it would be. But doing one on such a small scale was a little more difficult since the extra fabric bunches a little more at the corners. And I under-stuffed it a bit. But I'm proud of the result since it was my first scissor fob and only my second biscornu.

Mini-biscornu scissor fob stitched on 18 count white aida with DMC floss.
Chart available here (the 7th pattern).

Doing such a small design really emphasizes all the little holes in aida. I'm even more anxious to give linen a try now. I'm hoping to get some this weekend and stitch a small freebie Michele sent me to try it out. I've never stitched over two, so it may take a bit of adjustment. But I know the finished product looks so much tighter and cleaner on linen than on aida.

I've also been doing this technique Michele told me about called "railroading." She warned me it might slow down my stitching, and it definitely has. But there's no denying my stitches are straighter and the threads are lying parallel to one another making for better fill. It's worth the extra time it takes to complete a project!


Novice Stitcher said...

You did a great job on your bicornu fob - it looks wonderful! I think you are a natural stitcher and very creative. You will love working on linen and will laugh at yourself for hesitating in no time. Railroading does slow you down but it is well worth it.

I have introduced you to the blogging community on my blog, so you'll be getting some visitors soon. I know they will enjoy your journey in stitches.

Paisley said...

Your fobs are lovely!

staci said...

Hello there :) I popped over here from Michelle's blog.

Love your biscornu fob, it's so tiny and cute!

I think you'll really enjoy stitching on linen once you get used to isn't as difficult as you might think and it makes a lot of the finishings easier too :)

Kathy said...

Welcome to the blogging and cross stitch world. It is a great place to be.

Looks like you have been going great in your stitching. If you have fallen this hard for cross sitch this fast, you will really be in heaven the first time you visit a LNS in person. There is nothing better than seeing stitching in real life.

I am always available for assistance. Just e-mail me and I will help where ever I can.

Happy stitching.

PS Found you through Novice Stitcher. Isn't she a great one?

Sharon said...

Hi! welcome to the blogging world! Your fob is lovely-great job!

Janet said...

Hey there, I found you through the other Kim.

You've hit the ground running! Welcome to the blogosphere and the wonderful world of stitching. Linen is nowhere near as intimidating as it seems, you'll never look back.

I pick and choose my railroading pieces because it is slower but I agree, it does look so nice and neat.

Michelle said...

What a cute fob. So many stitchers are intimidated by finishing and especially biscornus! Your little one is so cute! Welcome to the world of blogging, and thanks for commenting on my blog - I appreciate it!