Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's June Already!

Today is officially June, and that means it's time to evaluate last month's goals and start thinking about this month.

May Goals:
  1. Finish Stitching CCN's "A Place We Call Home" - Accomplished 5/6/08
  2. Stitch and Finish Biscornu for MFC - Accomplished 5/15/08
  3. Stitch Blocks 2-4 of PS 12 Days of Christmas - Accomplished 5/30/08
  4. Start LHN's "Peach Tree Cottage" - Accomplished 5/31/08
I even managed to sneak in an extra project and get "Love and Faithfulness" from LHN/CC stitched up as well!

I got started on Peach Tree Cottage last night at 9 and stitched for about 15 minutes - long enough to constitute a start, but short enough to not have anything picture-worthy to show for it. I had a terrible headache last night and just couldn't stitch for long. But I give myself credit for pulling it all out to start so I could accomplish my final May goal.

Now for June Goals.

I'm hoping to get more accomplished this month and be a more focused stitcher than last month. So I'm giving myself more ambitious goals for June than I did for May.

My June Stitching Goals:
  1. Finish Stitching LHN's "Peach Tree Cottage"
  2. Stitch and Finish tin for MFC
  3. Stitch LHN/CC's "Peace"
  4. Stitch PS's "Peep"
  5. Stitch Calico Crossroads "AmeriKat"
  6. Stitch 2 PS "Santa Moon" designs
  7. Stitch Blocks 5-6 of PS "12 Days"
Well I hate to leave you without a picture, so I leave you with this picture of Cuddle Bug cooking in his playhouse with a bucket on his head:

Thanks for reading! I so enjoy all of your lovely comments!!


Miss 376 said...

May must have been the month for getting projects finished. Managed to get three of mine completed that had been around for a while, though not all cross sitich.

I have started setting myself daily goals, maybe I ought ot have monthly ones too

Dawn said...

Well done on achieving your goals, May has been a bit hit and miss for me :(

What a cute piccie of your little man :)

Lisa said...

cute piccie of your son, love his hat lol

Sharon said...

What a busy stitcher! Congrats on all your accomplishments!! Love the pic...too cute!!! :)

Barbara said...

Thanks for the cute Cuddle Bug picture!

DaisyGirl said...

So sweet! It makes me wish for the winnie the pooh days! They grow up so fast. Sigh

Paisley said...

You did great with your May goals! I like how you add the dates. I'll have to remember to start doing that!

Cuuute picture of CB! I had to giggle at the bucket!

Tanya said...

Cute picture of your little kiddo. Love the bucket hat. LOL Aren't those playhouses THE best? He looks very busy :)

ps..goals? what's that? lol

Teri said...

May goals accomplished, June goals created, and I know you're talking about 2008. Amazing! You're an inspiration. Have you thought about a "goals for hire" service - cause I could use some help. Seriously, though, great job on all your accomplishments!

On another matter, I see you're from the St. Louis area. I'm getting ready to lead a photo trip to Shaw Nature Reserve and the MO Botanical Gardens. Any tips or "must sees"?

Emily said...

Good luck on your June goals! :)

Sally said...

Good luck with your June goals Kim.

Cute pic of CB:)

Kathy said...

Great job meeting May goals.

Good luck with those ambitious goals for June.