Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Finish and a Challenge

Today I finished my little lovebird tag. All along my plan was for it was to use it as the gift tag on the gift I am taking to a baby shower this weekend. I had planned to put "to" and "from" on the back. But that changed at the last minute. After all the time and work that had gone into it - from the stitching to the tassel and the cording - I decided just making it a gift tag wouldn't be special enough. So I skipped putting my name on it all-together and made it more of an ornament or door knob decoration with a message on the back. I had given a lot of thought to at least signing my name really small on it somewhere, but I thought it might detract from the overall feel of the ornament as a gift in-and-of-itself for a very special new life. I want to put up pictures of it, but it's late and the artificial lighting around here mixed with the flash makes any picture I take look way off. It's just too beautiful to put up a picture that won't do it justice. So pictures will have to wait until tomorrow. It's worth the wait, though. I promise!

Today I got up the courage to venture outside my comfort zone and join a challenge hosted by BeckySC of BeckyBee's Stitching Hive. She has started the Monthly Finishing Challenge where she gives participants a finishing technique to complete every month. I thought this was a really good opportunity to try out different finishing techniques since I am familiar with very few and have actually tried even fewer than I'm familiar with! I'm sure my finishes won't compare to those of the experienced stitchers and finishers, but I am taking the opportunity to learn more about project finishing. The month of March is a pinkeep. So I have until March 30th to complete my very first pinkeep - something I have been itching to try out and that Michele tells me is not as difficult as it looks. But I need to figure out where I can get the pretty pins everyone uses. Any suggestions?


Jennifer said...

I've seen the colored pearl headed pins in the sewing section at Joann fabrics. If you've got a quilting or sewing shop around you, you might find a bigger selection.

I imagine you could also make your own pins with regular straight pins and some beads. Just make sure the head of the pin doesn't go through the beads you choose.

Nicki said...

Pinkeeps are easy to do - I'm sure you'll be fine :)

If you're looking for lots of pins there's an ebay seller called work4pnuts (her shop is The Crafty Elephant) who sells boxes of pins. A few people have recommended her as a good source of pins for pinkeeps.

Dawn said...

I get my pins at Hobby Lobby or Wal-Mart. I am sure you will find that pinkeeps are fun and easy.