Monday, March 17, 2008

A New Start and New Goodies!

Today I started work on the pinkeep I'm doing for the Monthly Finishing Challenge. I began stitching it and expect to be finished with the stitched portion tomorrow. I would post pictures but the lighting would be terrible and I don't want yucky pictures of my hard work posted for all the see. So that will have to wait for tomorrow.

And today I got part of my order from eHandcrafts. My CCN chart for A Place We Call Home arrived along with the specialty threads for it and 2 other charts. The other part of my order, the Love and Faithfulness Thread Pack from LHN is being shipped separately (I love that my order came with a little card informing me that the rest of my order would ship separately - Mary Kathryn has thought of everything apparently). I realized that my order had a "love and faith" theme and that is such a reflection of my life these days.

And I was so excited when part of my order arrived and when I read that LHN released two new designs today that I couldn't help myself and I ended up ordering the "Wool Needlebook and Fob" design from eHandcrafts today. Once again, I didn't need anything but Jacque and Katrina both insist that purchasing goodies you don't need ("stash") comes with the territory and is perfectly acceptable! And what a wonderful gift of Mary Kathryn that she was offering free shipping and a skein of green thread for all orders today in celebration of St. Patrick's Day! So I just couldn't make sense not to go ahead and place my order for the new LHN design that had my heart a-flutter when I laid eyes on it this morning! It even turns out that Vonna did the model for the fob! I really enjoy her blog so I thought it was especially neat when I read that she got to do that and how excited she was.

Anyway, like the pinkeep stitching, I would post pictures of my new goodies if the lighting wasn't so terrible. It will have to wait until tomorrow. But I wanted to share my fun news tonight despite the lack of eye candy.

I love reading everyone's comments! You all make me feel even more enthusiastic about this wonderful craft - there is such a warm community that comes with stitching! And you all say such nice things about my amateur stitching - I feel like I have cheer leaders! It's really so wonderful. Thank you all!

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Katrina said...

It is perfectly acceptable ;-). I know I have more than I can stitch in a lifetime but I don't care, LOL.