Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Pinkeep

I really appreciate everyone's wonderful comments about my first pinkeep attempt! Hands down, it was suggested to leave the pink. That made me feel much better about the ribbon and I followed Laura's suggestion to tuck it away overnight and look at it with fresh eyes this morning. Ultimately, I've decided to leave it alone. :)

Also, Mercy asked about the floss I used. I used regular old DMC floss - colors 167, 470, and 3688.

And Michele asked about the bow. Andrea posted instructions just the other day for her fun little bow here. Isn't it precious? I love the little loop at the top! Andrea's blog is so lovely and I enjoy her little details. It was so nice of her to publish instructions so even I could look like I had some kind of trick up my sleeve :)

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Novice Stitcher said...

Thanks for the link to the bow instructions. I will have to try that on a future pinkeep. Didn't I tell you making them isn't so hard? You really did a nice job even if you see some flaws. No one else does!