Thursday, March 20, 2008

Setting Aside the Stitching

I really love reading everyone's sweet comments. Sometimes you start a new hobby and there's a bit of an "elitist" attitude among the more experienced hobbyists. It's threatening and un-friendly. I worried that I would find that in the stitching world. Michele assured me I would not find that attitude among stitchers and she was absolutely right! You are all like my little cheering section! I really appreciate it!!

I didn't get anything more done yesterday on my pinkeep stitching. We had a busy night out (I still don't know who got voted off American Idol - will have to watch that on Tivo later) and we ended up at my BIL's house sifting through old photo albums and boxes of pictures. There will be a memorial "celebration of life" on Saturday for my FIL and we are putting together a video collage of his life to play in the background. It's my job to scan about a million pictures today.

And that means that Cuddle Bug's nap time (aka "Mommy's Stitching Time") is going to be scan time. So I don't anticipate getting the alphabet tree done this afternoon if today at all. The next few days are packed full of things to do since Easter is sneaking up on us really fast. Today I need to get get photos scanned, meet my SIL to pick up more photos before mass tonight for Holy Thursday, then back to church tomorrow for the Good Friday gathering, the memorial for my FIL and the Easter Vigil mass on Saturday, and then Easter on Sunday. Somewhere in all of that I have to get some ironing done and fit in regular tooth-brushing so DH isn't afraid to kiss me. How will I find the time for it all? There are just some days when there's no free time in sight. But I don't mind a little mayhem. I know it will all get done. And in the meantime, it's looking like that pinkeep will just have to sit on the back burner until I can sit down with it for a breather.

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