Monday, April 7, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Cuddle Bug and I had a fantastic weekend visiting my twin sister in Illinois! We went to a little carnival, decorated capes, went to a karaoke party, had chocolate fondue, and Cuddle Bug even helped make Baklava! I'm really not the type to put pictures of myself up on this blog but this is the best picture I have that doesn't have a close-up of Cuddle Bug (and I'm a nervous mom about putting close-ups of CB on a blog accessible by the general public). Please ignore my unruly hair - I'm growing it out for Locks of Love.

DH stayed home - slept in uninterrupted, went rock climbing, played roller-hockey, and watched movies with his aunt and uncle. We all had a nice weekend.

In stitching news, I finished my tin but don't have any good pictures to post. I gave it to my sister this weekend when we went out there and tried to get some good pics but they all turned out blurry. She promised to email some better pictures. It turned out great for a first time - if I do say so myself. But you'll have to wait for pictures.

I also visited a needlework shop in the tiny town we were in to visit my sister. I was a little less nervous to go in there since I won't be a regular or anything. It was super small and filled to the brim with needlework goods of all kinds! I tried looking at the linen to see what they had, but it was a bit of a disorganized mess. I did end up with a pretty little piece of WDW linen - very neutral, the color is called "linen." I was thinking it would be suitable to try a needle roll on. If I decide not to use it for that, I can always stash it away. And I picked up a Calico Crossroads design that my sister really liked - so I'm going to do that for her. DH has given me a rule that I am to have no more than 10 unfinished charts at any given time. The new chart takes me to 8, but it should be a quick stitch and I've got some linen coming from Mary Kathryn to do 3 other projects. So I'm thinking I have things under control.

Well I'm off to visit all of my blog reads I've been missing out on for the past 4 days! I have all my blogs in Google Reader and it's great! I don't have to go searching for unread posts.

Thank you all for visiting and for your wonderful comments!


Tanya said...

Hi Kim,
Great picture!!! I love your hair but that is really awesome to save the locks for that organization. Darling little 'cuddle bug' of yours :) Those slides are such fun and sure looks like you did have a blast.


staci said...

Cuddlebug is a cutie, aren't those slide things a blast? Sounds like everyone had a fun weekend!

Dawn said...

What a sweet picture of the both of you!:)

I use my fabric marker to mark the center of my fabric. I have tried several times (and failed several times) to start stitching from the corner of my fabric and it always ends up a disaster.

Kathy said...

Sounds like a great weekend. CB is cute. What unruly hair. Growing for Locks of Love. What a great thought.

Keep on stitching and stashing.

Chiloe said...

What a cute picture of both of you: you seemed to have had a lot of fun ;)

There are all kind of LNS and I'm sure one day, you'll find one that is more organized ;-)

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a fun time you had! Thats a good rule about the 10 charts, wish i could stick to something like that LOL

Emily said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! :)

Novice Stitcher said...

Congratulations on your first foray to the LNS. I'll bet before long you will be able to set foot in the one near you. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished tin. I'll bet that one will be a monthly finishing challenge, so you've already had some practice!

Jacque said...

I tried to leave you a comment yesterday, but it hasn't appeared so I'll try and remember what I said! : )

You look as though you're having as much fun as CB ... and what a cutie he is!!! Two of my friends and one family member has participated in the Locks of Love hair donation...that is so admirable. My hair is so curly and unruly that anything past my shoulder and I could sub for Rosanne Rosanna Danna on SNL. As for the ten project rule, I'm glad your husband doesn't know mine or I'd be in big trouble! : )

Carolyn said...

Oh my....a novice to the world of cross stitching and LNS's! I have a feeling that before long you will be so hooked that you'll be hiding charts all over the place. No way could I stick to ten....maybe ten thousand! But then I've been stitching for nearly 30 years, so I've aquired quite a "collection". That's how I justify my stash. I collect stash. Period. Anyway, it's nice to meet you and hopefully you'll visit me sometime, too! I'll enable you BIG TIME! LOL


Barbara said...

I love this picture of you and your Cuddle Bug! :D

Congratulations on the tin! I've only tried once and botched it terribly. I've almost worked up enough nerve to try again. LOL!

Sally said...

What a lovely photo of you both! Cuddlebug looks so cute:)

Mel in Dubai said...

Cute photo - looks like you are both having a lot of fun :)