Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2nd Birthday and Stitching Bits

Cuddle Bug's birthday was wonderful. We had a rib cook-off and birthday cake. DH competed against his Uncle Bill and his cousin Matt (Uncle Bill's oldest son). They all had their own Weber grill, their own secret recipe, and their own racks of ribs. It was a lot of fun - and delicious! DH won although it was really close!

Cuddle Bug got a little ATV from my mom and my sister. He loved it! He rode it all over the backyard and down by the playground. Eventually it had to be put away for nap time and then it started to rain so he didn't get to ride it again on his birthday but there was lots for him to day anyway.

During CB's nap I got the chance to put "Have Faith" in a frame I picked up at Target Friday night. I laced it on myself and got it mostly centered. I'm very satisfied with how it turned out.

I didn't get much stitching done with the birthday boy demanding so much attention and praise, but I did get a little more of CCN's "A Place We Call Home" done.

In other news, Terry sent me the most wonderful email and offered to send me a chart off my wish-list - LHN's Night & Day! I was on cloud 9 with all the nice things she said about my little stitching projects and then to offer such a sweet gesture! Thank you so much Terry!

And thank you all for your kind comments and for the wonderful birthday wishes for my little birthday boy!


Carol said...

Happy Birthday Cuddle Bug - gosh, he is cute!!! Have Faith looks awesome all framed up.

Cheryl said...

Perfect framing! Looks great :)
Glad he had a good birthday

Mel in Dubai said...

Belated Birthday Wishes to your little man, Kim. He looks like he's enjoying his new ride :)

You've done a wonderful job of framing Have Faith - it's lovely! Congrats :)

Melissa said...

What a cool birthday present! I'm sure CB just loves it. You're finishes are just beautiful.

Barbara said...

Your cuddlebug looks so happy on his ATV! At my DH's parents' house, the kids have a mini tractor to ride on and they just LOVE that! :)

Great stitching! Thanks for sharing!

And speaking of sharing, maybe you should publish your DH's winning ribs recipe! LOL!

Sally said...

Cuddlebug looks like he's enjoying his ride:)

Your framed Have Faith looks perfect Kim:)

Emily said...

Great framing on that one! Looking forward to seeing your progress on your new project.

Sharon said...

A rib cook off-how yummy! Your faith looks fab! Great job!

staci said...

Cuddle Bug looks like such a big guy driving around :)

Really cute finish too :)

Tobie said...

Lovely stitching and framing!! It's very pretty!
The new atv looks like a ton of fun. :)

Beatrice said...

Your Framing on have faith is wonderful. Congrats on finishing it yourself.

Yuko said...

Your boy is so lovely!
My son will be three soon, and my mum will buy him a same kind of car to ride!
Your FAITH is gorgeous!

Happy Birthday cuddle bug! :D

Janet said...

Awesome framing job - it looks fantastic.