Tuesday, May 13, 2008

And a Happy Mother's Day

I hope all you mommies out there had a super Mother's Day!

Mother's Day went by way too fast around here! Sunday morning I woke up to coffee in bed with some fun foam flowers DH had made with pictures of Cuddle Bug in the middle - especially sweet since DH is not known for his craftiness! CB came trampling into the room with a Mother's Day balloon. He was yelling "Happy Mommy Day!" It was precious. One of my favorite things was that CB had let it slip to me that there was a "balloon hiding" on Saturday afternoon when Daddy wasn't around to make sure CB was keeping secrets :) I called my sister to tell her the little guy was dropping details about Mother's Day surprises!

Anyway, DH presented me with a beautifully wrapped gift - charts from my wish-list! Then we headed off to a super fancy brunch downtown. I ate more than I wish to admit to - the desert buffet was sprawling! When I got home there were more presents! CB gave me his gift - a purse I had my eye on over at artsy-crafty babe's etsy shop. It's darling and perfect for summer! DH gave me another chart, this time a thread pack from LHN. It was all just too much :)

We went to the craft store, went to the family rosary, and then ran over to visit with DH's mom. It was a really great day!

I'd like to say that I finished my biscornu for the Monthly Finishing Challenge but the truth is I haven't been stitching too much the past few days. I got the top finished up today so that's something!

I had hoped to have the whole thing put together by yesterday. I got a big distracted with finishing a book and feeling a bit down Friday and Saturday. But I think that's all behind me and I'm hoping to get this one finished up in the next few days. I'm not so sure all my goals will get finished for May though, it being the 13th already. But that's life :)


Tanya said...

Oh MY gosh, Kim - those froggies are the cutest things!!!

I have the pie dough chilling in the frig so let's see - if you can over by 7 then it should be time for pie! lol

Enjoy your night,

Carol said...

What a sweet DH! Mine is somehow convinced I have enough stash and would not use my wish list :-)

staci said...

Congrats on being spoiled by your two boys ;) I think it's the cutest thing when little ones can't help but spill the beans lol ;)

Your biscornu looks great...I managed to get quite a bit done on Mother's Day, but haven't worked on it since (exchange stitching instead...and dyeing fabric lol!)

Melissa said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day you had. Your froggie's are adorable too. Me and DD#2 loves frogs. Great job!

Barbara said...

Oh, I love that purse! And your stash! And the idea of a DH who makes foam flowers for mother's day! I love it all! :D So glad you had such a great day. :)

Sharon said...

Happy Mother's day to you! Your DH and baby were so sweet. Love your gifts. Your biscornu looks fab!

Kathy A. said...

Love those frogs and that purse is gorgeous too.

Kathy said...

Wow, sounds like you had a great Mother's Day. Nice gifts.

Your frogs are so cute!!!!

Jacque said...

Love your purse...so shabby chic!

Your mother's day sounds lovely...lucky you!

Paisley said...

So glad to hear you got some spoilin'! Your purse is so pretty!

Your froggies look great! You're going to have the cutest biscornu!

Emily said...

Your froggies are sweet!
Have a great day!

Sally said...

I am a bit behind on blog reading at the moment so trying to cath up today:) Love your froggie biscornu! It is so cute!

You receieved some wonderful Mother's Day gifts:) Your husband is a star!